The business of law is hard enough these days. Collegiality and community matter. See for yourself with a career at Lowndes.

Why Choose Lowndes

There are lots of great law firms who do interesting and sophisticated work, who have formal mentoring and training programs, who offer competitive salaries and benefits. Sure, we have some very cool clients in glamorous industries like professional sports, restaurants, space. We have a mentor program, formal and informal training programs, and lots of opportunities to meet clients. And of course we offer competitive salaries, benefits and bonus opportunities. Just read our NALP pages.

So what makes us different? Our unique, collegial culture and our commitment to the community.

Our Collegial Culture

We like each other, we’re friends with each other, we support each other, both professionally and personally. Connections are key. We’re connected to each other, to our clients, and to our community.

In the big national firms, tax attorneys typically handle a small piece of the pie. In smaller firms, tax attorneys have the opportunity to work on a broader range of issues. I knew that Lowndes was the largest firm in its market – large enough and reputable enough for the bigger deals but small enough where clients and colleagues alike could get to know everyone. That appealed to me, as did the collaborative, warm and friendly environment.

Our Commitment to Community

The investment in our community is a fundamental element of our business philosophy, thanks to the example set by founder John Lowndes. The firm as a whole and our individual attorneys and staff enthusiastically commit financial support and volunteer hours to hundreds of charitable, civic, educational, industry, professional and trade organizations. Many hold leadership positions on the boards and committees of these organizations, and we enjoy working together to help make our community a better place to live, work and play. And what better place to play than Orlando, with its abundance of cultural, sports and other recreational activities!

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