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Toddlers to the Rescue

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October 10, 2022

Shawn Rader

In an article published on September 2, 2022, in The New York Times and written by Hikari Hida and John Yoon, the authors review a program at the Ichoan Nursing Home in Kitakyushu, Japan. The residents suffer the same problems as those in many assisted living facilities: loneliness and boredom.

The nursing director there started a program where mothers were invited to bring their children aged four and under to spend the day at the facility. The children roam the halls, socializing with the residents. In exchange, they receive free diapers, baby formula, photo shoots and coupons to a nearby café.

The impact on the residents of interacting with the children and babies supports the studies that show such interaction lessens loneliness, lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of heart attack. For the children, the hugs and interactions have been shown to enhance social and personal development.

All in all, a marriage made in heaven.

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With a portion of his practice devoted to representing title insurance companies in litigation arising from disputes related to coverage and general litigation matters, Shawn helped establish the American Bar Association Title Insurance Litigation Committee, serving as its first vice-chairman and as its second chairman. He is also a member of the Florida Land Title Association, where he is a charter member of the FTLA Claims Round Table Committee.

Both an accomplished author and speaker, Shawn has had four articles published in The Florida Bar Journal and was coauthor of the Title Insurance Law Article in the ABA Tort & Insurance Law Journal. He has served as chairman of The Florida Bar Grievance Committee for Orange County and as president of the Orange County Bar Association Legal Aid Society. He was also chairman of the City of Orlando Civil Service Board, chairman of the City of Orlando Chapter 57 Board, and vice chairman of the 2012 Orange County Charter Review Commission.

Shawn was born in Kentucky and moved to Orlando as a child. He quickly developed a lifelong devotion to the land in Florida. His passion for real estate law arises from his deep connection to the state, which is reflected in his love for Patrick Smith's book, A Land Remembered, and his collection of Florida Highwaymen paintings. Not surprisingly, his favorite Florida attraction is Gatorland in Osceola County.

Having practiced for over 40 years, Shawn brings his clients a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to draw. He has mentored attorneys both within the firm and the community. Shawn has also served as an expert witness in cases for attorneys outside the firm. He is a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, an organization of individuals appointed by the Governor of Kentucky in recognition of their accomplishments and outstanding service to the community, Commonwealth, and nation.

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