A Pirate Looks at 40 ... Am I Too Early?

December 19, 2012

The Federal Lawyer

By: Drew Sorrell

As a pirate looking at 40 (with all apologies to Jimmy (and Kurt)), I am sometimes saddened by the relative silence of the cannons of our profession. As a man solidly in the middle of Generation X, I was born too late to have fought in the primary battles over federalism, race, gender, and free speech—the cases that define who we are as a modern country. Sure, there have been other big cases, but few as thematic, temporal, and fundamental as these. My only hope is that I have not been born in the doldrums of the profession—too late and too early. You see, there are storms brewing on the horizon: ones that will almost certainly require us once again to cause our metaphorical cannons to thunder. I am a commercial litigator, but have a focus on technology. I recently attended a presentation on 10 things to know about current technology given by my friend, Prof. Allen Kupetz of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. While the presentation was interesting, a question he posed as we were walking out was even better: “Will selfaware software programs have rights?” Don’t be so quick to write this question off as a flight of fancy. According to Moore’s Law, computer processing power will....to read the article in full, click on attachment below:

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